Coke Gas Pipe

Coke Gas Pipe Fill

Middletown, Ohio

The Job

This coke gas pipe fill project is located in Middletown, Ohio, at Cleveland Cliff’s Middletown Works facility. Middletown Works determined that the coke plant would be more costly to repair than to replace, so elected to demolish the plant.

The Challenge

A demolition contractor working to dismantle parts of the onsite coking plant had to remove approximately 350LF of coke gas pipe. The work area is located in the basement of the coking plant.

Coke gas residuals will spontaneously combust when exposed to the air, but the pipe had to be cut into roughly 3′ pieces to remove it. The pipe fill grout had to:

  • completely fill the pipe
  • coat the residuals to minimize air exposure
  • cut easily
  • add as little weight as possible to the pipe sections

The Solution

CJGeo proposed using CJGrout-20SDB to fill the pipes. 20SDB is a 2lb/cuft rigid polyurethane foam, specifically formulated to flow long distances before setting.

CJGrout 20SDB is generated onsite by special polyurethane grouting rigs. The rigs have hoses up to 400 feet long, which convey the material from the grouting rigs to the placement area. For this coke gas pipe fill project, the crew had to run hoses approximately 250 feet into the building, down multiple stair cases. The hoses are lightweight and about 2 inches in diameter, so this isn’t a problem.

One of CJGeo’s polyurethane grouting crews was onsite for two days to complete the project. Once the coke gas pipes were filled, the demolition contractor cut them into 3 foot long pieces with traditional band saws bagged the sections, and removed them from site.

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