Large Diameter Pipe Repair

We use two primary placement methods to repair large diameter pipes: spraying and injecting.

Big pipes can mean big problems.  CJGeo specializes in innovative repairs to address leaks, voids and deterioration of large diameter pipes, culverts and associated structures such as manholes and drop inlets.  Whether it’s a parking lot sinkhole over a stretch of poorly-seated RCP or leaking joints inside of a stormwater filter structure, CJGeo has the large diameter pipe repair knowledge, experience, equipment and pumping power to seal leaks and replace eroded soils to ensure longterm stability of pipes and culverts.  We primarily work in man-enterable structures ranging from 30 inches to 30 feet in diameter, however can perform point repairs in smaller pipes as necessary.

Large diameter pipe repair using polyurethane grouting.

Our Large Diameter Pipe Repair Experience

As shown in the project profiles below, we have performed thousands of linear feet of large diameter pipe repair to seal joints, stop leaks and fill voids around all kinds of pipes and stormwater structures.  CJGeo’s focus on large diameter pipe repair revolves around adopting technologies used for other industries to primarily repair large stormwater infrastructure.  For example, we use sprayed materials generally used in the structural repair and geotechnical markets to rebuild misaligned joints in large diameter pipes because of the ability to tolerate very large joint offsets.  

We generally pump really large quantities of geotechnical polyurethanes, so filling big voids around pipes and structures isn’t incidental to what we do, it is what we do.  With access to over 30 different polyurethane materials, we can pick the right material that balances cost, yield and functionality, because there’s no reason to stabilize a pipe with $800/cubic yard material when you can get a better result with $300/cubic yard material.

Large Diameter Pipe Repair Methods

We use two primary placement methods to repair large diameter pipes: spraying and injecting


We spray polyurethanes and polyureas to rebuild joints that are poorly-seated, have dislodged, deflected or deteriorated.  The materials we spray have excellent adhesion to all of the common large diameter pipe materials, such as concrete, HDPE, PVC, galvanized metal & aluminized metal.  Sprayed systems are excellent for sealing joints before back grouting (see below) to contain the void filling material outside of the pipe to reduce waste.

Read more about sprayed pipe rehabilitation here.


We inject plural component polyurethanes, single component polyurethanes and cementitious grouts outside of large diameter pipes to fill voids, fix sinkholes and provide stability.  Injection is commonly used for leak-stopping as well.  

Read more about different injection grouting methods for pipe repair here.

Certifications & Safety

Economical video inspection of very large diameter pipes that are full of trash and debris can be difficult.  However, we employ NASSCO-certified PACP/LACP/MACP inspectors to help provide thorough and uniform inspection and documentation of large diameter pipe problems.  Our estimators and crew members are trained in confined space entry, and are comfortable working on supplied air in confined spaces.

RCP Pipe Repair

Joint sealing and filling of adjacent voids is the most common repair we perform on RCP culverts.  Man-enterable pipes are our specialty, though we have methods to perform point repairs on smaller pipes, as well.  Learn more about our RCP culvert & large diameter pipe repairs here.

CMP Pipe Repair

We perform sprayed joint sealing, void filling and grouting to repair CMP culverts.  Learn more about our CMP culvert & large diameter pipe repairs here.

Pipe & Culvert Repair Project Profiles

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