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Virginia Lightweight Fill

Norfolk, VA

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The Job

This Virginia lightweight fill installation is located Norfolk, Virginia. The placement is part of a low income housing development in an area subject to flooding. The site is located a few blocks from downtown Norfolk.

The Challenge

Like many coastal cities, much of the ground in Norfolk is infill. On this site, fill material was entirely uncontrolled. It included construction debris, organics, and silty sands. In order to bring the finish floor elevations above flood elevation, the site needed to come up by nearly eight feet in some areas.

The Solution

CJGeo worked with the structural engineer to design a lightweight backfill program that would help reduce anticipated settlements. After stone columns were installed across the site, the CMU building walls were built on poured footings. After the walls were in place, CJGeo filled the entire building pads with Ultra Lightweight CJFill, with an average density of 25lb/cuft.

CJGeo batched CJFill-Ultra Lightweight with a 80psi at 28 day minimum compressive strength using the dry batch process onsite, and placed at times more than 1,000 cubic yards per day.

Once the CJFill-Ultra Lightweight was in place, plumbers trenched in plumbing, and placed twelve inches of sand on top of the CJFill-Ultra Lightweight. The work took around two weeks, using the dry batch generation method.

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