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Polyurethane Compaction Grouting

Soil Modification

Plural component polyurethanes can be used for soil grouting similarly to cement based grouts. Features and conditions which can be addressed with polyurethane compaction grouting include:

  • Karst feature & sinkhole sealing/filling
  • Loose or uncontrolled fill densification
  • Groundwater cutoff
  • Binding granular materials

There are a few key differences between compaction grouting with cement grouts and compaction grouting with geotechnical polyurethanes.

  • Unlike low mobility cement grouts, where slump doesn’t change during placement, polyurethane grouts are highly mobile initially, then lose that mobility within seconds to minutes.
  • Polyurethane grouts used for compaction grouting generally have short gel times, so stop moving laterally before they stop expanding.