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Outfall Leak Grouting

Emporia, Virginia

The Job

This outfall leak grouting project is located near Emporia, Virginia. The work is located at two different stormwater ponds at an industrial scale solar facility. The facility is owned by Dominion Energy.

The Challenge

This facility has a mix of both dry and wet ponds. At two wet ponds, leaks developed along the outfall pipes, which prevented them from holding water long term. During a precipitation event, water would build up, but then afterwards, slowly drain out by piping alongside the outfall pipes. In order to turn over the facility to the owner, the contractor needed to address the leaks to ensure the ponds functioned as designed.

The Solution

Due to the small diameter of the pipes, they weren’t accessible from the inside. CJGeo proposed grouting along the pipe alignments using single component expanding chemical grout. The pipes are reinforced concrete.

To facilitate this, CJGeo drove sacrificial injection tubes along both sides of each of the two pipes. No grout returned to the inside of the pipes, which confirms that the root cause of the problem was poor control of the backfill, as opposed to problems with the pipe joints. When bedding isn’t properly installed, and backfill properly compacted, water can flow outside of stormwater pipes, which is what was happening here.

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