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CJGrout-20SDB is low speed, low exotherm polyurethane formulated for high mobility, mass void filling applications.  It was first developed for backgrouting the Pinkerton Tunnel, in Somerset, Pennsylvania. Since then, this CJGrout system has proven to be an incredibly versatile high mobility grout for use in applications from factory floor undersealing to lightweight mass pit fills at a chemical manufacturing facility in Wilmington, Delaware. Other projects include:

  • filling 3′ deep voids under a floor in Manhattan, NYC
  • backgrouting 14′ diameter CMP culverts in Asheville, NC
  • mass lightweight fill under I-395 in Arlington, VA

Typical Uses

The most common use for this geotechnical polyurethane grout is filling mass voids. This can include voids around underground structures, large voids below floors, and sinkholes. Inside buildings, undersealing commercial floors affected by slab curl is a very common use.

Physical Properties

With a bearing capacity of 3.7KSF, this grout is well suited for use under light to moderate loads. The free rise density is 2.1lb/cuft. The packed density is 3lb/cuft. Packed, the bearing capacity increases to more than 5KSF.


Like all plural component polyurethanes, CJGrout 20SDB is installed using high pressure impingement mixing. The system pressures are approximately 1000psi. However once the material leaves the mixing tip, it goes to atmospheric pressure.

The grout expands up to 24 times its liquid volume during the expansion phase. However, if there is any back pressure, the grout will end up denser. Because the rise time is shorter than the tack free time, there is minimal lifting capacity. Subsequently injected material will just displace or compress already expanded material. If the tack free time was shorter than the rise time, the grout would have lifting capacity.

Plural component geotechnical polyurethane raw material is transported and stored in IBC totes. Because of this universal packaging and ease of transport, significant quantities of material can be stockpiled onsite. A single semi load of IBC totes will provide up to 485CY of in place material. This allows for placing significant quantities of material with very little transportation and logistics related risks.

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