Railroad Bore Annular Space Grouting

Winchester, VA

The Job

This railroad bore annular space grouting project is located in Winchester, Virginia. As part of a new development, three parallel stormwater pipes were bored under a CSX right of way.

The Challenge

The railroad requirements include annular space grouting. The three casings (80 feet long each), are 48″ by 0.725 wall thickness steel. The carrier pipes are 30″ N-12 pipe, with a 35.50″ outside diameter.

This annulus requires about 16 cubic yards of grout per bore. One of the challenges of double wall HDPE drainage pipe is that it is exceptionally light. This can make uplift management during grouting particularly challenging.

The Solution

In order to manage buoyancy during the annular grouting, the boring contractor installed longitudinal blocking on each of the carrier pipes during installation. To reduce the uplift by six times compared to flowable fill, CJGeo proposed a 30lb/cuft cellular grout for the annular grouting.

Between the blocking and the very low density CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular grout, single lift grouting was possible without damaging the new carrier pipes. Single lift grouting eliminates the risk of trapped air pockets or partial fills associated with multi-lift grouting.

Due to the relatively low volume, and to reduce heat of hydration, wet batch generation using slurry from a local ready mix plant was used.

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