Geotechnical Polyurethane Grout

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CJGrout polyurethane grout systems solve the unique challenges faced in the geotechnical, structural & utility grouting markets. 

Each CJGrout has unique properties developed around solving unique problems.  Polyurethane grouts offer substantial benefits over cementitious grouts, such as:

  • improved cleanliness,
  • reduced loads on underlying soils,
  • minimal downtime, and
  • significant time savings. 

Among geotechnical polyurethanes, CJGrout excel in that each grout has been developed by chemists working hand in hand with an experienced contractor to solve specific, real-world geotechnical & infrastructure problems.  CJGrout isn’t just rebranded spray foam.



Time is money.  Minimizing downtime and speeding return to service is a key benefit of choosing CJGrout polyurethane grouts.  Unlike high mobility cement-based grouts which may take hours, if not days, to accept traffic, CJGeo’s polyurethane grouts can take traffic within minutes of placement.  Even rail traffic.


Settlement usually starts with poorly consolidated underlying soils.  CJGrout polyurethane grouts are significantly lighter than traditional cement based grouts, but still provide excellent bearing capacities.  Using polyurethane grout decreases the burden on underlying soils. This helps to reduce the likelihood of resettlement from increases in dead loads.  The half life of geotechnical polyurethanes is generally greater than 150 years.

CJGrout Polyurethane Grout Systems

These are some of the most common CJGrout systems that CJGeo uses.

SystemIdeal Use
20FDSSprayed applied above grade lightweight fill
20SDBPoured or injected mass void filling
28FDLLight duty differential settlement correction
35NHV61Leak stopping, wet environment void filling & compaction grouting
40NHLMedium duty differential settlement correction & compaction grouting
48NHLHeavy duty differential settlement correction & compaction grouting

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