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CJFill is engineered cellular concrete designed to outperform in geotechnical, utility and structural grouting. With densities ranging from 20 to 115lb/cuft, placements include ultra lightweight mass fills, annular space and abandonment grouting in tunnels & pipelines, and tremied underwater placements.

Types of CJFill

There are four broad classes of material, each optimized for specific cases:

UL – Ultra Lightweight

With wet cast densities ranging from 20 to 30lb/cuft, CJFill-UL is ideally suited for applications where maximum load reduction or cost control are important. Whether this is backfilling MSE walls, constructing large above grade highway embankments, the in place density of UL is as low as 15.5lb/cuft. Because the material cures into a self supporting mass, and is freely-draining, it is excellent for reducing lateral loads on structures. Compressive strengths range from 3.6KSF to 21.6KSF.

ST – Standard

The utility grouting market is the largest consumer of CJFill-ST. It ranges from 35lb/cuft to 70lb/cuft. Compressive strengths start at 21.6KSF and can go as high as 1500psi at 28 days. Typical applications include annular space and abandonment grouting in higher load applications. Typical mixes here are 40lb/cuft to achieve 300psi 28 day requirements. In closed environments, such as pipe abandonment and annular space grouting, ST will displace water. Gravity or tremie placement into water isn’t possible with most ST mixes.

HP – High Permeability

HP is an excellent choice where high permeability is needed. CJFill-HP has permeability values as high as 3cm/sec, and density ranges from 25lb/cuft to 38lb/cuft. Permeability decreases as density increases, so the lower density the better. You can drop a sample of HP into water and it will sink.

UW – Under Water

If your project requires gravity placement into water, CJFill-UW is the way to go. Pumping or tremie placement is standard. UW is heavy enough to sink, but barely increase loads relative to the water it displaces. This is particularly helpful for tremied placement behind sheet pile walls or under relieving platforms and docks. Densities range from 70 to 115lb/cuft, with UCS of 28.8KSF. CJFill-UW typically contains an SCM, such as flyash or slag, or fine aggregate, such as C33 sand. Anti-washout admixtures help to ensure that the material maintains its integrity during placement directly into water.

CJFill Generation

Onsite generation using computerized batch plants makes the vast majority of CJFill onsite. The plants are highly mobile–a 200CY/hour plant fits on a standard length tandem chassis. CJGeo operates three of these mobile plants, ranging from 100CY/hour to 200CY/hour. For smaller placements, slurry delivered to the site using ready mix trucks may be best. CJGeo has three of these wet batch plants, which will generate up to 70CY/hour.

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