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Box Culvert Void Filling

Fredericksburg, Virginia

The Job

This box culvert void filling project is located near Fredericksburg, Virginia. The Virginia Department of Transportation owns and maintains the structure, which conveys a stream under a rural divided highway. As part of a rehabilitation project, extensive cracking in the structure (a double barrel six foot by six foot box), was being patched with repair mortar, and some cracks epoxied.

The Challenge

At the start of project, the general contractor discovered extensive voids outside of the structure. These voids were allowing significant amounts of the stream flow outside of the box culvert (piping). This was cause for concert regarding the specified repair mortar application and epoxy injection.

The general contractor reached out to CJGeo about filling the voids with grout prior to the patching and repair operation.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed grouting all the voids outside of the box culvert with CJGrout 35NHV61. 35NHV61 is a hydro-insensitive, structural polyurethane grout. Its NSF61 potable water certification makes it excellent for work on drainage structures.

The owner, Virginia’s Department of Transportation, required water testing before, during and after grouting. This water testing specifically looks for MDI. All of the water testing, which was performed by a third party environmental laboratory, found zero MDI in any of the water samples.

It took three days onsite to complete the grouting. Some hairline cracks that were still damp after the bulk box culvert void filling work. CJGeo grouted these cracks with a hydrophilic chemical grout to make them completely dry.

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