HDPE Annular Grouting

Portsmouth, Virginia

The Job

This HDPE annular grouting project is located in Portsmouth, Virginia. The project owner is the Hampton Roads Sanitation District, which provides sanitary transmission and treatment for coastal Virginia.

The Challenge

CJGeo was originally part of this project to perform abandonment grouting of around 1000 linear feet of 24″ gravity sewer. During construction, a 1600 linear feet of 36″ gravity sewer in the project area was inspected. The inspection revealed multiple defects needing repair. The design and construction team identified slip lining as the most appropriate repair.

Slip lining generally requires annular grouting between the new carrier pipe and the original pipe. In this case, fused 24″ solid wall HDPE was the slip lining material of choice. This left an approximately 6″ annulus to be fill in order to ensure long term stability of the new pipe and the surrounding ground.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed using 30lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular concrete for the annular grout. Cellular grout is the ideal material for HDPE annular grouting because the placement pressures are incredibly low. This is because cellular grout is primarily air, because of its high preformed foam content.

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