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New Jersey permeation grouting

Elizabeth, New Jersey

The Job

This New Jersey permeation grouting project is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey. It is at a large wastewater treatment plant owned by the JMEUC.

The Challenge

During installation of a new building on site, a large excavation was required. Primarily comprised of H piles and wood lagging, it crossed a 24 foot wide influent conduit. The influent conduit is a double barrel box structure, cast in place on 12 inch thick bed of open graded stone.

During test pitting to the bottom of footing elevation, the test pit appeared to be tidally influenced. The site is immediately adjacent to a creek that feeds into the Elizabeth River. At high tide, and due to the permeability of the stone layer, inflow into the test pit was not controllable, and was higher than the footing elevation.

Specific challenges here included:

  • potentially high velocity water flows due to tidal influence
  • 12 foot minimum spacing of grout holes due to structure wall locations
  • potential fouling of bedding stone with fines

The Solution

The general contractor reached out to CJGeo about grouting the stone bed. The structure is 24 feet wide, but only has a single, eight inch wall down the middle.

CJGeo proposed that a coring contractor drill a two inch core down through the center and side walls from the surface. This gave us three access points to place grout from at each location.

Due to the large grout hole spacing, CJGeo selected acrylic grout. Acrylics are excellent for this type of application because they are exceptionally low viscosity (pump & flow pretty much like water).

A single CJGeo chemical grouting crew performed the acrylic grouting over two days onsite. Afterwards, infiltration into the excavation was down to a submersible garden hose pump. The use of acrylic grout ensured that:

  • coverage was uniform despite the large distance between placement points
  • any fines fouling the bedding stone were uniformly bound together, immobilized & made impermeable

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