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Apartment Floor Lifting

Washington, DC

The Job

This apartment floor lifting project is on a military facility in Washington, DC. During turnover of a unit, the property management company discovered signs of significant settlement affecting the interior floor. There was a significant crack showing through vinyl flooring, and up to 1.5 inch gaps below the baseboard in a carpeted room.

The Challenge

The primary challenge for the general contractor on this project was repairing the floor as quickly as possible. The unit was only going to be unoccupied for about two weeks between tenants. The contractor not only had to repaint, install all new floors, but also had to address this settlement.

The Solution

The general contractor reached out to CJGeo to assess the feasibility of raising the floor using polyurethane grouting. Having worked together in the past, the general contractor knew that CJGeo’s polyurethane grouting process is significantly faster than traditional mud jacking or concrete replacement.

A single CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew took less than a day to complete this apartment floor lifting repair. The total area grouted was around 750 square feet. Using CJGrout 28FDL, the grouting process corrected all of the settlement. Because polyurethane grouts are about 95% lighter than traditional grout and backfill materials, the likelihood of the grout material inducing future settlement is virtually eliminated.

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