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North Carolina Abandonment Grouting

Raleigh, North Carolina

The Job

This North Carolina pipe abandonment project is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is part of the Upper Walnut Creek sewer replacement. After installation of a new gravity sewer, more than three miles of 42″ sewer was requiring abandonment grouting. The specification calls for completely filling the pipe with controlled low strength material (flowable fill).

The Challenge

The primary challenge for the general contractor on this project was minimizing cost and time. The owner’s specification calls for an NCDOT-approved flowable fill material. Most flowable fills can only be placed for up to a few hundred feet before requiring another access point. The contractor wanted to minimize the number of placement points to ensure the fastest placement possible.

The Solution

CJGeo designed a grouting program using one of our NCDOT-approved mixes. Using dry batch generation, CJGeo can make up to 200 cubic yards per hour of material, which is enough to fill 562 feet of 42″ pipe per hour.

CJGeo mobilized a dry batch cellular grout plant to the site, and made a total of 5,539 CY of cellular grout to complete this North Carolina abandonment grouting project over a few weeks. Some of the pipe was completely full of water. Even though cellular grout is significantly lighter than water, it can still displace water out of pipes.

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