Electric Bore Annular Space Grouting

Norfolk, VA

The Job

This electric bore annular space grouting project is located in Norfolk, Virginia. As part of significant work at the Port of Virginia’s Norfolk International Terminal, an electrical contractor installed seven jack & bore crossings of various roadways and railroad lines within the port.

The Challenge

There are seven bores, ranging from 85 feet to 362 feet. Each bore is 36″ steel casing, with eight, eight inch conduits. Most conduits are for electrical lines, some are reserve, and some are for communication and data.

The designer’s specification call for annular grouting of all the conduits, with a minimum 1000psi grout. There was no thermal conductivity requirement.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed a 60lb/cuft CJFill-Standard cellular grout in order to meet the 1000psi requirement. Buoyancy control was achieved through water filling of the conduits, along with a conduit & casing spacer design which presumed some buoyancy.

The customer filled each of the conduits with water prior to grouting. Due to the relatively low volume of grout per bore (ranging between 16 & 57 cubic yards), CJGeo used a local ready mix supplier for paste, and the wet batch generation method. CJGeo successfully performed the electric bore annular space grouting work over two days.

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