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Lightweight MSE Wall Backfill

Chester, VA

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The Job

This MSE wall lightweight backfill project is located near Chester, Virginia. The MSE wall is part of a ramp reconfiguration and lengthening project at the interchange of Rt 10 and Interstate 95. Specifically, this ramp is from westbound Rt 10 to northbound Interstate 95.

As part of the ramp lengthening and realignment, the ramp needed to shift out onto an existing embankment.

The Challenge

There was insufficient right of way to widen the embankment without acquiring additional right of way. In order to shift the road without acquiring additional land, the geotechnical engineer of record, Schnabel Engineering, recommended to building a mid-slope MSE wall. The wall design includes a lightweight reinforced and retained zone to eliminate any net change in load. Effectively, when the slope is notched for the MSE wall construction, the difference in fill density allows for increased height.

The Solution

The existing soils were rough 125lb/cuft, and the CJFill-Ultra Lightweight backfill is 30lb/cuft. This allows for two additional feet of fill depth for every foot of undercutting. The final MSE wall lightweight backfill design included a 140psi minimum 28 day compressive strength (ASTM C495).

It took three lifts to backfill the wall, which was at most eight feet tall, and roughly 150 feet long. A composite drain on the slope addresses and water migration through the soil slope, and ties into a gravel bed at the base of the CJFill-UL load reducing fill.

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