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Basement Wall Load Reducing Fill

Lexington, VA

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The Job

This basement wall load reducing fill project is located in Lexington, Virginia, on a campus of Washington & Lee University. The scope is part of a new academic building construction project. The building will house the Williams School of Commerce, Economics & Politics.

The Challenge

The building is on a sloping site. The front of the building will be slab on grade, and the back half of the building will be a walk-out basement level. The transition between the two floors is an approximately fifteen foot tall wall with two 90’s.

The basement wall is designed to be braced by the floors and building. However, the floors & building couldn’t be built until the wall backfill was in place. In order to backfill the wall, it would need load reducing fill, or it would need temporary bracing.

The Solution

A structural engineer recommended the general contractor reach out to CJGeo about backfilling the wall with CJFill-Ultra Lightweight low density fill. Working with the structural EOR, geotech EOR & general contractor, CJGeo developed a backfilling plan that would allow backfilling the wall over three days while eliminating the need for temporary bracing.

CJGeo poured three lifts, each about 4.5′ deep. A dry batch process plant running at up to 200 cubic yards per hour backfilled the wall in three days.

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