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Low Density Bridge Underfill

Philadelphia, PA

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The Job

This low density bridge underfill project is located on Interstate 95, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The scope is part of a large widening and reconstruction project. The bridge is located over Carver Street, just south of the Tacony-Palmyra Bridge.

The Challenge

As much underfill as possible had to be in place prior to the bridge demolition. Otherwise, it would have been impossible to demolish the deck, beams & other structures during a limited closure. There are also multiple underlying utilities which would not tolerate the nearly 5ksf of additional dead load from using traditional flowable fill.

The Solution

In order to fill up to the bottom of the beams, CJGeo designed a mass fill placement plan that stepped in at a roughly 1.5H:1V slope. CJGeo batched CJFill-Ultra Lightweight with a 40psi at 28 day minimum compressive strength using the dry batch process onsite, and placed at times more than 1,000 cubic yards per day.

Once the CJFill-UL was in place to complete this low density bridge underfill, the customer was able to demolish the bridge and beams, only need to bring in a few feet of crushed stone for the pavement base, and then pave the roadway to restore traffic. This was performed during an accelerated closure to minimized traffic disruption. The work took around two weeks, using the dry batch generation method.

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