Wet Batch Cellular Concrete

Foam added to truck.

Cellular Concrete Wet Batch Generation Process

With batch mix cellular concrete generation, slurry is delivered to the job by transit mix truck.  Unlike truck batch generation, where load size depends on target finished density, load size is whatever the maximum the truck can carry. They’re typically slightly short, however, as the slurry is quite wet and liable to slosh out of some truck drums.

Once the slurry arrives onsite, it’s discharged into a slurry pump. Slurry pumps are typically moyno to ensure continuous uniform flow, and therefore the most consistent material. Preformed foam, such as Aerlite-iX (closed cell) or Aquaer-iX (open cell) is processed and injected downstream of the pump by a foam generator. Aerlite-iX & Aquaer-iX are both from Aerix Industries. CJGeo is a factory-certified manufacturer of cellular concrete using Aerix’s preformed foams.

Aerlite-iX makes CJFill-Ultra Lightweight, CJFill-Standard and CJFill-Under Water. Aquaer-iX makes CJFill-High Permeability. There is no difference in the equipment or process between closed cell and open cell material.

Wet Batch Cellular Concrete Generation Equipment

There are three pieces of equipment integral to the wet batch process:

  • Pump. The pump must be a progressing cavity (moyno) pump; pulsing flow from piston pumps results in non-uniform material.
  • Foam generator. The foam generator takes foam concentrate, precisely and continuously blends the concentrate with water and compressed air, and aerates the mixture to produce preformed foam.
  • Mixing point. There are two stages to the mixing point. The first is a wye assembly that brings together the slurry from the slurry pump. Th second is the foam from the foam generator. The slurry weighs about 50 times what the foam does, so just downstream of the wye is a static mixer.

Advantages of Wet Batch Generation

Wet batch continuous generation is ideal for most utility grouting applications requiring fewer than 100 cubic yards per day. This typically includes long runs of pipe abandonment smaller than 16 inches in diameter, and smaller volume annular space grouting projects, such as this one.

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