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8′ CMP Joint Grouting

Olive Branch, Mississippi

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The Job

A spec warehouse was planned for a vacant piece of land which had 1700LF of 8′ CMP running through it. The pipe was installed when the site was first prepped, approximately 10 years prior to construction. Because the site was vacant, there was no maintenance. Nearly every joint showed signs of soil infiltration, and there were massive sinkholes along the entire alignment.

The Challenge

To avoid having the replace the entire run of pipe, the joints needed to be sealed. There were 80 pipe joints and 12 pipe to structure joints that were affected.

The Solution

CJGeo mobilized a polyurethane grouting crew to the the site. Over the course of a week onsite, the crew sealed all of the joints. As part of the joint sealing, the voids around the pipe were filled with CJGrout 20SDB geotechnical polyurethane. After the grouting work was done, the site contractor backfilled the sinkholes and washouts with soil.