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8′ CMP Joint Grouting

Olive Branch, Mississippi

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The Job

A spec warehouse was planned for a vacant piece of land which had 1700LF of 8′ CMP running through it. The pipe was 10 years old. Because the site was vacant, there was no maintenance. Nearly every joint showed signs of soil infiltration, and there were massive sinkholes along the entire alignment. Given the depth, size, and short work window, the contractor sought out a CMP joint grouting repair alternative to replacement.

The Challenge

To avoid replacing the entire run of pipe, the joints had to be sealed. There were 80 pipe joints and 12 pipe to structure joints to seal. The pipe crossed under a roadway, and then crossed the site at an angle. The downstream end of the pipe transitioned to new 96″ RCP.

The Solution

In preparation for the repair, CJGeo had to educate the town, contractor, owner & consulting engineers that polyurethane grouting is an effective CMP repair method.

CJGeo mobilized a polyurethane grouting crew to the the site. Over the course of a week onsite, the crew performed all of the CMP joint grouting.

CJGeo used CJGrout 20SDB geotechnical polyurethane. 20SDB is a high mobility geotechnical polyurethane, so seeks out and fills even the smallest of voids outside of pipes. Because it’s highly mobile, it doesn’t deflect or damage the CMP that needs repair.

The manholes also had significant defects. Made of non-parged sewer brick, they leaked extensively. To address the widespread infiltration through the structures, CJGeo sprayed the interior of each structure with CJGrout 60FDC. 60FDC is a hybrid polyurethane/polyurea spray coating. For durability, the 60FDC was coated with polyurea. The 20SDB, 60SDB & polyurea coating were all installed using the same equipment, significantly reducing costs.

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