Annular Space Grouting

Annular Space Grouting, Bluefield, Virginia


60 inch culvert pipe under the entrance to a large shopping center failed. Contractor slid a 48″ OD Snap-Tite slip lining pipe through the length of the culvert, which then required annular space grouting. The culvert pipe was 160 feet long, and passed between a standard end wall and a vertical storm water outfall riser.


Snap-Tite pipe requires installation pressures of around 5 psi. Due to the crushing of the carrier pipe, the material used for annular space grouting had to be able to pass the constricted area and still achieve complete filling.


30 PCF wet-cast density lightweight cellular concrete was chosen for the annular space grouting. Lightweight cellular concrete is easily placed at pressures below the requirement for Snap-Tite pipe.


CJGeo cellular concrete crew installed approximately 50 cubic yards of lightweight cellular concrete to completely fill the annular space.