Texas Annular Space Grouting

Texas Annular Space Grouting

Lockhart, Texas

The Job

This Texas annular space grouting project is located in Lockhart, Texas. It is a 42″ water pipeline for the Alliance Regional Water Authority.

The Challenge

The annular space grouting for this tunnel was specified for cellular concrete (sometimes called low density controlled low strength material). The minimum allowable compressive strength was 300psi at 28 days, when tested according to ASTM C495. The 42″ treated water pipeline was installed inside of a 60″ casing pipe.

The tunnel was approximately 460LF, and crossed under a frontage road and Texas State Highway 130, about 20 miles south of Austin.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed using onsite dry batch generation to make the cellular grout onsite. This has a few advantages over using ready mix (wet batch generation):

  • purchasing cement directly from a cement plant bypasses ready mix plant’s cement allocation limits
  • bulk material doesn’t go bad onsite

CJGeo used a relatively high water:cement ratio to account for temperatures of 105 degrees during the placement and generation. This helped to ensure that material did not prematurely set during placement, and allowed CJGeo to generate and place all of the 40lb/cuft CJFill-Standard cellular grout material in just three hours.

Confirmation of fill for this Texas annular space grouting project was material venting from the 12 o’clock vent on the far end of the tunnel. Pumping pressures were less than 15psi for the duration of the grouting process.

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