New Jersey Polyurethane Grouting

New Jersey polyurethane grouting

Creskill, New Jersey

The Job

This New Jersey polyurethane grouting project is located in Creskill, New Jersey. As part of a full gut renovation of the library, the architect specified lifting settled areas of the floor. The floor settlement was affecting approximately 3200 square feet, with settlement up to two inches.

The Challenge

The library building is a slab on grade, with relatively light design loads. The floor is approximately four inches thick, and reinforced with welded wire mesh. The original design to correct settlement was to use mud jacking. Mud jacking works well, but is rather slow, and tends to be very messy. Mud jacking uses cement-based grout pumped under high pressure below concrete to fill voids and push the concrete back up. A downside is that the grout is quite heavy, and the additional weight it adds to already compromised soils can cause additional future settlement.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed using CJGrout 28FDL geotechnical polyurethane grout as an alternative to the specified mud jacking process. CJGeo’s value engineer proposal was based on the following benefits of polyurethane grouting over traditional cementitious grouting:

  • speed – polyurethane grouting tends to be significantly faster than cementitious grouting
  • cleanliness – polyurethane grouting is a very clean process, including dustless drilling, mechanical connections to the slab, and material that scrapes off with a putty knife if it leaks from below a slab
  • density – traditional mud jacking grout is approximately 50 times heavier than in place CJGrout 28FDL. This reduces the likelihood of future resettlement by minimizing the additional load that grout places on the underlying soils.

The architect and structural engineer accepted CJGeo’s value engineering proposal for this New Jersey polyurethane grouting repair. A crew of three CJGeo polyurethane grouting experts completed the repair in less than a day. Because polyurethane cures within a few minutes, the general contractor was able to move on to the next steps in the project very quickly.

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