stormwater sinkhole repair

Stormwater Sinkhole Repair

Dulles, Virginia

The Job

This stormwater sinkhole repair project is located at a data center near Dulles, Virginia. Within a few months of construction, a depression started over a utility intersection within a street intersection inside the fence. Time showed that asphalt patching wasn’t going to solve the problem, so a geotechnical engineering firm was brought into investigate the sinkhole.

The Challenge

The first step taken was video inspection of all the gravity utilities in the area. None of them were showing any signs of leaks of water or soil. Utilities within the zone of influence of the sinkhole include:

  • stormwater (deepest & largest)
  • fire protection
  • two fiber duct banks
  • three electrical duct banks

Given the shear number and crossing alignments of utilities, and lack of leaks, the presumption was that backfill consolidation over the underlying stormwater structure was the most likely cause of the settlement.

The Solution

Due to the presumed cause of inadequate compaction, the geotechnical engineer recommended polyurethane compaction grouting to the owner. Compaction grouting with polyurethane grout is significantly faster, less disruptive, and less likely to displace adjacent structures than cementitious compaction grouting.

CJGeo proposed using CJGrout 20SDB for this stormwater sinkhole repair project. 20SDB is well suited for filling bulk voids, and has very little expansive pressure, so minimizes the chances of fouling or damaging the adjacent critical utilities.

A CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew was able to complete the repairs over two days onsite.

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