Nashville Annular Space Grouting

Nashville, Tennessee

The Job

Nashville’s Central WWTP is undergoing extensive improvements to provide service to a growing population.

The Challenge

As part of an upgrade, 400LF of 66″ pipe needed to be slip lined. Once the carrier pipe was selected, the space around its 57.1″ OD needed to be filled.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed using CJFill-ST at 45lb/cuft for this Nashville annular space grouting project. CJFill-ST is batched onsite directly from bulk cement, eliminating supply chain issues with ready mix.

Because the selected CJFill-ST only weigh 45lb/cuft, buoyancy control of the new carrier is simple. By filling it with water, it won’t float during grouting. This allowed CJGeo to grout the entire annulus in a single lift. Single lift grouting significantly reduces the likelihood of partial fills, fouled injection tubing, or trapped voids.

A CJGeo crew placed the 87CY of CJFill-ST in less than an hour.