Boston Logan

Massachusetts Lightweight Fill

Boston, Massachusetts

The Job

This Massachusetts lightweight fill project is located at Boston’s Logan International Airport. It is part of Logan Forward continuing improvements to the airport.

The Challenge

As part of this project, the general contractor installed two cast-in-place barrier walls. The space between the barrier walls is between four and nine feet. The walls are curving, have non-vertical faces, and bear on a curving, non-horizontal existing podium slab. The gap between the walls needed to be filled in order to pour a housekeeping slab spanning between the walls.

This work is all on an existing podium structure. So, the fill density between the two walls had to be as low as possible.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed filling between the two walls with CJGrout 20SDB. 20SDB has a similar density and compressive strength to typical expanded polystyrene (EPS, or Geofoam) blocks. However, unlike geofoam blocks, 20SDB:

  • is pumped, so doesn’t require trimming, and fits to any shape
  • expanded onsite, so logistics are significantly simpler
  • cures within a few minutes, so is still quick
  • not affected by petroleum products

A CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew took a single shift onsite to install the 64 cubic yards of CJGrout 20SDB. The general contractor began installing the topping slab the next day.

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