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Atlanta cellular concrete

Atlanta, Georgia

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The Job

This Atlanta cellular concrete installation is part of Atlanta Watershed Management’s Niles Avenue Sewer Improvements project. The project took approximately 2500LF of microtunneling to install a new 18″ sewer main.

The Challenge

A 72″ microtunnel was chosen, which required approximately 1200CY of annular space grouting. Operations were challenged by the pandemic hitting in the middle of the project.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed 30lb/cuft CJFill-UL cellular grout for the annular space grout. This allowed the contractor to avoid mechanical buoyancy control during grouting operations during single lift grouting. Buoyancy control of the carrier was one of the driving factors for using CJFill-Ultra Lightweight for this Atlanta cellular concrete project. Because the tunnels had a good amount of slope on them, grouting in multiple stages would have been impractical. Flowable fill would have floated the carrier pipe, even if it was full of water.

Over two mobilizations, CJGeo generated the cellular grout onsite and placed it via shafts which were up to 40 feet deep. CJGeo chose wet batch generation due to the project volumes.

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