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New York Annular Space Grouting

Nassau, New York

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The Job

This New York annular space grouting work is part of the Bay Park Conveyance Project. The Bay Park Conveyance Project is using a combination of microtunneling and slip-lining. This is to redirect effluent discharge from Western Bay to an existing ocean outfall several miles away.

The Challenge

Approximately 7 miles of the discharge pipe is being sliplined into an existing 72″ riveted iron pipe. The pipe runs underneath the Sunset Highway. Access pits are between 700LF & 3000LF apart, requiring annular space grouting placements ranging from 200CY to 850CY.

Due to maintenance of traffic concerns, all grouting is night work. There is nowhere to stage materials onsite.

The Solution

Working with the design and construction teams, CJGeo designed a 30lb/cuft, 150psi at 28 day compressive strength CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular grout for the annular space grouting. By using dry batch mixing onsite, CJGeo is able to achieve the compressive strength required, and place the distances required in the very short nightly placement windows.

Pipe jacking is the installation method for the carrier pipe, so there are no casing spacers. Because there are no casing spacers, water filling is the buoyancy control method. With water fill and a grout density significantly lower than water, the carrier uplift factor of safety is approximately 2.5 times.

To address material logistics, each night’s cement consumption is staged locally during the day. The cement is then brought to each placement location during the pours.

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