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Garden State Parkway grouting

Middletown, New Jersey

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The Job

This Garden State Parkway grouting project is located near Middletown, New Jersey. As part of ongoing large diameter culvert rehabilitations and replacements, four new bored stormwater crossings and the original culvert they replaced needed to be grouted. The tunnels ranged from 120″ down to 74″, for a total of 312CY, and the abandonment required 405CY.

The Challenge

Grout needed to meet the minimum strength requirements of the owner, and ideally needed to be light enough to facilitate single lift annular space grouting.

The Solution

CJGeo’s preconstruction team worked with the general contractor to design a grouting program which facilitated single lift abandonment of the original culvert, and single lift grouting of the four various annular space runs. CJGeo utilized onsite dry batching to generate 30lb/cuft CJFill Ultra Lightweight cellular concrete.

CJFill is a type of Low Density Controlled Low Strength Material, or LD-CLSM. The “low density” comes from using preformed foam, in this case Aerlite-iX, as a substitute for aggregate. This significantly reduces the unit weight, which exponentially increases pumpability. In this case, all 405 cubic yards of abandonment grout were placeable at once.

Because CJFill LD-CLSM is significantly lighter than water, each annular space grouting run was doable in a single lift. Filling each carrier pipe partially with water was all it took to facilitate this.

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