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SW Florida Annular Space Grouting

Fort Myers, Florida

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The Job

This Florida annular space grouting project by CJGeo is located in For Myers, Florida. The work is part of the City of Fort Myers’s South AWWTF Reclaimed Water Transmission Main. The goal of the project is to facilitate the beneficial reuse of treated wastewater, primarily for uses such as irrigation which historically utilized drinking water.

The Challenge

The majority of this pipeline uses open cut installation. However at two road crossings with extensive existing buried utilities, trenchless installation is most appropriate. The first crossing is 170 linear feet. The second crossing is 607 linear feet. Each tunnel is 52 inches in diameter steel. The reclaimed water line is 32 inch diameter ductile iron pipe.

The Solution

The tunneling contractor for this project was under contract to provide turn key installation, including annular grouting. The tunneling contractor reached out to CJGeo, knowing that CJGeo’s CJFill cellular grout could:

  • fill each annulus in a single lift
  • not over-pressurize or damage the brand new carrier pipe
  • not float the brand new carrier pipe

CJGeo took two days onsite to grout both tunnels (one day per tunnel). The final design for the grout on this Florida annular space grouting project was 38lb/cuft CJFill-Standard, with a 250psi unconfined compressive strength at 28 days. While the Florida DOT’s minimum strength for cellular grout is only 80psi at 28 days, the designer wanted a higher strength grout than the minimum acceptable by the DOT.

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