maryland compaction grouting

Maryland compaction grouting

Chevy Chase, Maryland

The Job

This Maryland compaction grouting project is located on East West Highway, in Chevy Chase. A few years after finishing construction of a new mixed use building with underground parking, the public sidewalks began to settle.

The Challenge

A local consulting geotechnical engineer was the first call by the building owner. After reviewing the construction drawings, and visiting the site, the geotech recommended performing a few hand augers. The hand augers were to:

  • confirm the sidewalk construction matched the plans
  • check for bulk voids below the sidewalk
  • confirm the backfill material
  • see just how loose the backfill material was.

The hand augers confirmed that the sidewalk was indeed pavers over asphalt, over a thin concrete mud slab. There were sporadic voids below the mud slab, up to six inches deep. The backfill material was poorly controlled soil, and was relatively loose.

The Solution

Due to the backfill material being relatively loose, and the building being new enough that the soils hadn’t consolidated on their own, the geotechnical engineer recommended polyurethane compaction grouting to the owner. Compaction grouting with polyurethane grout is significantly faster, less disruptive, and less likely to displace adjacent structures than cementitious compaction grouting.

CJGeo proposed using CJGrout 20SDB for this Maryland compaction grouting project. 20SDB is well suited for filling bulk voids, and has very little expansive pressure, so minimizes the chances of fouling or damaging drainage board.

A CJGeo polyurethane grouting crew was able to complete the repairs over two days onsite.

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