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Tennessee Annular Space Grouting

Brentwood, Tennessee

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The Job

This Tennessee annular space grouting project is located in Brentwood. Brentwood is part of the Nashville metro area, which is rapidly expanding. As part of large water main installation, a 970′ tunnel, ranging from 60 to 78 inch diameter was mined through a small mountain. To ensure long term service improvements, a 42″ DIP water line occupies the tunnel.

The Challenge

The tunnel support is wood lagging, which is not permanent. Therefore, the annular space requires grouting to ensure long term stability of the new water line and adjacent ground.

Because the Nashville market is so hot, it’s really hard to get any concrete deliveries, let alone specialty mixes. The tunneling contractor knew that they would be hard pressed to self-perform the grouting using flowable fill. This was if they could even get material. So, they reached out to CJGeo about performing the annular space grouting with cellular grout made onsite with one of CJGeo’s custom mobile cellular batch plants.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed and installed 25lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular grout for the annular space grouting. By generating material onsite directly from bulk cement, using a dry batch plant, the 425CY annular space grouting took fewer than five hours.

Buoyancy control on this project was very easy. Because CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular grout is so much lighter than water, filling the carrier with water was sufficient to ballast the pipe against uplift during grouting. No casing spacers or top blocking needed. The American Concrete Institute classifies CJFill-Ultra Lightweight as low density controlled low strength material.

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