Ashland Warehouse Floor Slide

Warehouse Floor Joint Stabilization

Ashland, Virginia

Ashland Warehouse Floor Featured

The Job

About two months after occupying a new warehouse in Ashland, Virginia, the tenant identified two joints where the floor “popped” at a joint when a forklift drove over them. After consulting the plans, the owner determined that the joint wasn’t doweled.

The Challenge

Both affected joints were on main, high frequency travel pathways within the warehouse. So, any repairs had to be done quickly, and with zero impact to operations.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed undersealing the two joints, which had experienced slab curl, with high density geotechnical polyurethane grout. In fewer than three hours onsite, CJGeo undersealed the joints with CJGrout 20SDB, load tested them, and demobilized. There were no impacts to operations of the facility.