PA Turnpike Undersealing

Wilkes-Barre, PA

The Job

This PA Turnpike undersealing project is located on the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The Northeast Extension runs from Philadelphia to Scranton. As part of a 24 lane mile mill & pave rehabilitation on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, slab stabilization was required. The Turnpike’s specification for stabilization is either liquid asphalt or polyurethane.

In this work area, the turnpike has two northbound and two southbound lanes. A cast in place barrier wall separates the lanes. The pavement is an approximately nine inch thick rigid concrete with up to eight inches of asphalt overlay. Joint spacing ranges from twenty feet to eighty feet.

The Challenge

In order to keep MOT in place continuously, work had to be done 24 hours per day. Multiple mobilizations were used to work around bridge repairs at three different overpasses in the undersealing work area.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed undersealing with CJGrout 40NHL, a 4.0 lb/cuft free rise polyurethane grout formulated specifically for undersealing thick pavements in transportation environments. 40NHL is hydro insensitive, so performs well in wet environments, as confirmed with NYSDOT GTP-9 testing.

Using a double gang drill and single grout truck, CJGeo crews undersealed up to 1.8 lane miles per shift. Drilling operations happened overnight. Grouting during the day is safest, and allows for easy visualization of the entire zone of influence. By working continuously, the general contractor was able to keep MOT in place continuously, avoiding the cost of setting and pulling MOT each day.

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