Polyurethane Grouting Charlotte 2022

North Carolina Tub Crossing Repairs

Charlotte, North Carolina

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The Job

Fifty two OldCastle StarTrack panels at four different grade crossings settled to the point of requiring slow orders at the crossings. In order to restore the track to normal speeds, the settlement needed to be corrected.

The Challenge

Due to scheduling constraints with rail traffic, with very short windows on weekend nights, the owner elected to have the repairs completed during a single weekend shutdown period. While this allowed for longer work periods, it also meant that four crossings needed to be repaired in fewer than 24 hours.

The Solution

CJGeo mobilized two polyurethane grouting crews to the system, and grouted two crossings each during two shifts. All 52 of the panels were stabilized and lifted back to grade using CJGrout 60NHL, which allows for immediate resumption of rail traffic, from light rail to heavy haul.

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