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Norfolk polyurethane grouting

Norfolk, Virginia

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The Job

This Norfolk polyurethane grouting project is located on a military base. The medical clinic on a military base was being renovated. As part of the renovation, the 650sqft elevated slab front porch needed to be replaced. The slab “sounded hollow,” and the presumption was that there were nominal voids below the slab.

The Challenge

At the start of demolition, the demolition contractor determined that the voids below the slab were closer to 3′ deep. This presented a safety problem for the demolition. The concern was that the slab would fail catastrophically during demolition. The general contractor reached out to CJGeo about ways to reduce the void depth.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed void filling below the slab using CJGrout 20SDB. CJGrout 20SDB is a low exotherm bulk void filling geotechnical polyurethane specifically formulated for deep fill placements without scorching or charring.

CJGrout 20SDB cures to 95% of final strength within a few minutes. Because of this, by the time the crew is packed up to leave the site, the material is effectively completely cured. This is significantly faster than cementitious grouts like flowable fill, and facilitates fast return to service. Because 20SDB is very light, it also reduces the likelihood of inducing settlement compared to traditional flowable fill.

A two person polyurethane grouting crew mobilized to the site and placed approximately 2,900lbs of CJGrout 20SDB in a few hours onsite, allowing the demolition contractor to safely resume work.

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