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Hotel Basement Water Intrusion Grouting

Baltimore, Maryland

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The Job

This basement water intrusion grouting project was at a hotel in Baltimore, Maryland. It had a continuously wet floor in the basement utility room. Water was oozing out from under the power feed bank housekeeping slab. The housekeeping slab sits directly on top of the floor slab. There were two presumed point sources:

  • the unsealed joint between the floor and the wall,
  • and the power feed conduit wall penetrations.

The pit where the power conduits came through the wall and turned up into the power feed cabinets was 18″ deep, and always full of water.

The Challenge

Extensive exterior drainage work did not work. It presumed that surface water was flowing down the outside face of the basement wall. Then, through the unsealed floor:wall joint and/or into unsealed joints in the conduits and then through the conduit penetrations. The exterior drainage improvements re-waterproofed approximately 500sqft of wall. They slowed, but did not completely stop the water intrusion.

A forensic engineer overseeing the project reached out to CJGeo about performing chemical grouting inside of the utility room to underseal the floor, and to seal the conduit penetrations.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed chemical grouting utilizing a low viscosity hydrophobic prepolymer chemical grout.

Fibrous material soaked in grout was placed into the utility conduit openings to seal them against water intrusion. The grout injected through the floor extruded up through the joint between the wall and floor, and also through various cracks in the floor.

Upon completion of the basement water intrusion grouting by CJGeo, the conduit pit was dry, and there are no longer any leaks.

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