HDPE Pipe Joint Sealing

Williamsburg, VA


A large sinkhole opened up in the parking lot of a manufacturing facility. The sinkhole was adjacent to a cast-in-place stormwater drop inlet structure. The structure was 14VF deep and was fed and discharged by 54″ HDPE pipes, requiring HDPE pipe joint sealing.

Facility maintenance personnel had been monitoring the sinkhole and noted that it was growing rapidly. Inspection of the pipe revealed that there were joint failures at the first joint out from the manhole and deterioration of the parging. The parging between the HDPE and concrete pipe had failed to the point of significant amounts of soil washing out during rain events.


The repair could not disrupt traffic in the parking lot or other facility operations. It also had to provide a long-term solution to the failed pipe joints.

Along with gently filling the voids around the HDPE pipe without deflecting or damaging it, the repair material had to have enough expansive force to thoroughly seal the small cracks and leaks in the parging between the HDPE pipe and concrete structural walls.


Chemical grouting using both prepolymer chemical grouting and plural component polyurethane grouting.

Chemical grouting was chosen for injection through the joints of the HDPE pipe. Prepolymer chemical grouting uses single component polyurethane grouts with exceptionally long gel times. This virtually eliminates localized expansive pressure, which could further damage the HDPE pipe, which was already out of round.

The plural component structural foam was used for void filling the large sinkhole that extended from the bottom of the structure to the surface.

Prepolymer chemical grout was injected through the joints in the HDPE pipe. This successfully sealed the bell and spigot joints without causing further deflection of the pipes.

The large sinkhole void was grouting using plural component polyurethane grouting. Due to void size, CJGrout 20SDB is the best material due to its low exotherm. Structural foams are important in situations where there are very large voids in areas subject to traffic loading.

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