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Fire Station Floor Lifting

Northern Neck, VA

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The Job

This fire station floor lifting project is located about an hour east of Richmond, Virginia. The concrete slab on the grade floor inside of a fire station on the North Neck of Virginia settled up to two inches. As part of the investigation into the cause, an engineer discovered voids up to 8″ below the slab and multiple broken sanitary sewer pipes below the floor.

The affected areas needing slab foundation repair included a dayroom, kitchen & meeting hall.

The Challenge

In order to minimize disruption to the fire station’s operations, the proposed repair had to be quick, clean, and minimize uncertainty associated with the plumbing repair slab cuts.

The Solution

CJGeo performed ground improvement grouting of the underlying soils to 5′ below-grade utilizing plural component polyurethane compaction grouting, with CJGrout 35NHV. During the compaction grouting process (sometimes called structural polymer grouting), the CJGrout 35NHV lifted the floor back into place.

Because polyurethane grouts cure very quickly, the floor was repaired the day before the plumbing work was scheduled. This allowed the plumbers a stable work surface and eliminated the risk of stuck saws or sudden collapse of the floor during floor sawing for plumbing access.

Grouting sufficiency was verified by using pre & post-grouting DCP tests.

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