CJGrout 35NHV61

NSF61 certified grout for ground improvement & water control.

CJGrout 35NHV61 is a moderate speed polyurethane grout. It works best in wet environments, particularly stormwater structure grouting and groundwater control grouting.  35NHV61 is certified for potable water contact. 35NHV61 was developed for use performing groundwater cutoff grouting below 1300LF of precast levee in Washington, DC. In addition to stopping leaks up to 2000GPM, 35NHV61 improved WOH soils to an average of N=5 to reduce the likelihood of additional leaks developing.

Typical Uses

The most common use of CJGrout 35NHV61 is wet environment grouting. This can be for either compaction grouting, or filling voids outside of buried structures like in sinkhole repairs.

One of the most notable projects CJGeo used 35NHV for was a 25 million gallon per day leak into a mine. The mine was losing up to eight vertical feet a day due to infiltration from sinkholes in the middle of a stream. CJGeo placed 35NHV via sacrificial steel tubing installed into the sinkholes. CJGeo injected the 35NHV directly into the flowing water, which drew it down into the features. Once in the features, the 35NHV expands up to around twenty times its liquid volume, blocking off the water flow channels.

Physical Properties

CJGrout 35NHV61 is:

  • 35 – 3.5 pounds per cubic foot in free rise conditions
  • N – normal speed (not particularly fast or slow)
  • H – hydroinsensitive; it’s injectable directly into water without affecting its physical properties
  • V – optimized for void filling
  • 61 – certified for potable water contact per NSF 61

The compressive strength is approximately 6.5KSF. This is significantly stronger than most soils. 35NHV has relatively low tensile strength, so is not suitable for tension applications.

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