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Dollar Store Floor Void Filling

Covington, Virginia

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The Job

This floor void filling project is located about three hours west of Richmond, Virginia. A commercial contractor was performing a full gut renovation of a dollar store in a strip center. The building was approximately 30 years ago, and there were no signs of floor slab failure or settlement.

The Challenge

While cutting through the floor to install utilities, a 3″ void was discovered below the floor. Exploratory coring determined that voids ranged from 0.5 to 4″ throughout approximately 11,000 square feet of the space. The front of the building is at grade, but the rear of the building has an approximately 7′ tall CMU stem wall, which was backfilled with common borrow during original construction.

The Solution

The general contractor reached out to the structural engineer to notify them of the problem. The structural engineer then reached out to the geotechnical engineering, who recommended polyurethane grouting as the best way to fill voids below a floor. The geotechnical engineering is familiar with polyurethane grouting from working with CJGeo on similar repairs in the past. They know that polyurethane grouting:

  • is very clean and fast, so is unlikely to slow progress
  • is very lightweight, so is least likely of all grouts to cause additional settlement
  • effectively cures instantly, allowing immediate resumption of activities in the area

CJGeo mobilized two geotechnical polyurethane grouting crews to the site and filled the voids over a period of two days. It took about 7,000 pounds of CJGrout 20SDB through approximately 500, 5/8″ holes to completely fill the voids. Cut-off criteria was cross-hole communication. The work was performed without disruption to the renovation activities.

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