Cellular Concrete Generation Methods

Cellular Concrete Generation Methods

Foam added to truck.

Cellular Concrete Generation Methods

There are two main cellular concrete generation methods. Wet batch generation uses slurry mixed at a traditional concrete plant and delivered to the site by ready mix trucks. Dry batch generation uses an onsite plant to mix dry bulk ingredients with water onsite to generate the material. Wet batch generation can be either by batch or continuous generation.

There are two main ingredients in cellular concrete–slurry, and preformed foam. Preformed foam is always made onsite. Slurry is typically neat (just cement & water). Depending on the application, the slurry can also include fly ash, slag, other pozzolans, and/or fine aggregate.

Wet Batch Generation

Wet batch cellular concrete uses the traditional ready mix supply chain for the slurry. Once slurry is brought to the site, foam is added to the truck’s drum. Or, downstream of a pump via continuous generation. It is most economical for small volume projects. It is less optimal for high volume projects.

Dry Batch Generation

The second of the cellular concrete generation methods is dry batch generation. Bulk semi tankers bring dry cement to the site. The cement tankers unload pneumatically directly onto the plant, or into onsite storage silos (pigs). A mobile batch plant mixes the cement and water onsite. The foam and slurry mix inline downstream of the slurry pump. Pumping the slurry instead of the combined material facilitates higher pumping rates and more precise control over quality.

Which Method Is Best?

That depends on a lot of factors. A company who only does wet batch will probably say wet batch. A company who only does dry batch will probably say dry batch. CJGeo does both. We have equipment for both batch & continuous wet generation, as well as three dry batch plants. For answers about a specific challenge you may be facing, or to get more information on the different cellular concrete generation methods, here’s our contact information:

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