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CBBT Sheet Pile Pregrouting

Virginia Beach, Virginia

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The Job

This sheet pile pregrouting project is located in the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel’s Parallel Thimble Shoal Tunnel Project is constructing a second tunnel parallel to the original to reduce traffic congestion. All launch & receiving work is on man-made islands in the Chesapeake Bay. The islands are dense with utilities, equipment and operations facilities associated with the existing tunnel, which is in continuous use.

The Challenge

During previous phases, installation of sheet piling for tunneling activities and other driven elements induced consolidation of the loose sandy fill on the islands. This was causing settlement of duct banks, pavements and other structures, which were remedied by CJGeo using polyurethane compaction grouting.

In this case, sheet piles had to be driven immediately adjacent to the roadway. This is in order to excavate the receiving pit for the tunnel boring machine. The construction team was concerned about inducing settlement of the adjacent roadway. They reached out to CJGeo about performing compaction grouting under the footing for the original tunnel’s portal wall. This was after the wall had been demolished down to grade.

The Solution

CJGeo performed compaction grouting utilizing an NSF-certified potable water contact plural component CJGrout 35NHV polyurethane grout. Cutoff criteria was 0.10 inches of movement of the foundation or adjacent roadway. Upon completion of the compaction grouting by CJGeo, sheet piling installation started. There was only nominal movement of the foundation and roadway.

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