15 inch RCP point repair

Mechanicsville, VA

The Job

This 15 inch RCP point repair project is located near Richmond, Virginia. A 6′ deep sinkhole opened up adjacent to a stormwater manhole structure. The manhole was in an easement between two single-family homes and maintained by a municipality. Two misaligned joints were visible from the manhole and were the cause of the sinkhole.

The Challenge

The two misaligned joints were under up to 8′ of cover. The repair had to seal the two misaligned joints and fill the extensive voids around the pipe that resulted from years of erosion.

Due to extensive utilities in the area, and difficult access, the owner did not want to perform an open cut repair. While the misalignment was significant, the reduced flow from the misalignment was less problematic than an open cut repair.

The pipe is located approximately 150 feet from the nearest roadway, on a steep slope towards a resource protection area. All of these factors significantly increased the costs & disruption of an open cut repair.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed grouting via driven tubing to seal the joints in the pipe. An internal form was used to minimize the entry of chemical grout into the pipe.

CJGeo’s large diameter pipe repair crew installed CJGrout 35NHV geotechnical polyurethane to seal the two misaligned joints and fill voids. The repair took less than two hours, with no service disruptions. CJGrout 35NHV excels at repairing failed RCP joints because its reaction profile is designed for void filling, and it’s unaffected by water. The homeowners and owner were happy that the repair only took foot traffic and a lightweight 2″ hose bundle.

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