Sand Filter Joint Sealing

Henrico, VA

The Job

This sand filter joint sealing project is located in Richmond, Virginia. Two underground stormwater sand filters at an apartment community wouldn’t hold water. The structure is four, twenty foot sticks of ten foot diameter CMP. It had to hold water before the property could come off the bond. Previous repairs attempted included the installation of internal joint rings and seals, which did not stop enough flow to pass the water loss tests.

The Challenge

The proposed repair had to accommodate multiple layers of previous repairs. The joints included four different materials–aluminized metal, galvanized metal, neoprene, and polyethylene. The structures are in a bed of washed #57 stone, and subject to live flow.

The Solution

Sprayed high-density polyurethane/polyurea hybrid to seal the joints internally. In addition, chemical grouting for joints with internal bands and polyethylene seals. A fast set reaction kept the chemical from migrating into and fouling the stone bed. The spay application and encapsulates the original repair’s joint seals.

CJGeo’s large diameter pipe repair crew installed chemical grout to seal the leaking joints. Then, each joint was sprayed with a hybrid polyurea-polyurethane internal seal. Immediately after the sealing was performed, the structure held water and passed the water loss test. Neither structure leaked any water after CJGeo sealed the joints.

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