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Power Station Pipe Abandonment

Charlottesville, Virginia

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The Job

This power station pipe abandonment project is between Richmond & Lynchburg, Virginia, along the James River. Dominion’s Bremo Bluff Power Station was taken off line in 2019. As part of complete decommissioning, demolition and site restoration took place in 2022.

The Challenge

Power stations typically have extensive pipes for cooling water circulation. At Bremo Bluff, the buried cooling pipe network consists for four, four foot diameter pipes, connecting to a junction box. Total linear footage of the forty-eight inch pipes is about six hundred linear feet.

Due to the remote location, the demolition contractor knew that it would be difficult to get timely deliveries of the nearly 40 loads of flowable fill needed to fill the pipes.

The Solution

The demolition contractor reached out to CJGeo for consultation on the best type of flowable fill for the pipe abandonment work. CJGeo recommended 25lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight. 25lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight has a 28 day compressive strength (ASTM C495) greater than 50 psi. This met the owner’s requirements.

25lb/cuft CJFill-Ultra Lightweight is nearly 80% air content. Therefore, each twenty-five ton load of cement delivered to the site turns into nearly 150 cubic yards of finished product. Due to this on-site expansion, instead of needing nearly 40 loads of ready mix flowable fill, the work only needed two loads of cement.

CJGeo generated and placed approximately 300CY of CJFill-Ultra Lightweight cellular concrete to fill the junction box and pipes. CJGeo made all of the material over a few hours onsite, using dry batch generation.

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