Industrial Driveway Crossing Repair

Frederick, Maryland

The Job:

Settlement and deflection were affecting an eight panel modular grade crossing in an industrial driveway. The crossing was used by both commuter rail and freight. Settlement of modular grade crossing was causing spalling of the panel edges due to more than 2 inches of deflection from rail traffic.

The Challenge:

The repair had to quickly and thoroughly address the voids and settlement of the panels to avoid disruption to commuter revenue traffic. A daily window of four hours between last morning and first afternoon commuter traffic was available for the repair.

Due to scheduling constraints within the busy Washington, DC metro area freight market, the repair area had to be openable to freight traffic on 15 minute notice any time during the repair.


High density polyurethane polyurethane grouting to stabilize and lift the affected precast grade crossing panels. Polyurethane grouting is an effective repair for both void filling to address deflection, and also lifting panels to correct settlement.

The crossing was repaired and returned to service without disruption to commuter or freight rail service.