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Industrial Basement Abandonment

Danville, Virginia

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The Job

As part of an adaptive reuse project of an abandoned industrial site, the former onsite power plant’s stacks were being rehabilitated. Multiple tunnels and basement rooms needed to be completely filled.

The Challenge

Due to safety concerns, nobody could enter the basement. No as-builts were available. Camera inspection through holes cored in the ceiling showed significant numbers of passageways and obstructions. The fill material had to be exceptionally mobile, able to be placed in deep lifts, and as light as possible.

Fill density was a concern because the basement was up to 15′ deep. The structural and geotechnical consultants were concerned about inducing settlement if flowable fill (typically around 150lb/cuft) was used.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed 25lb/cuft cellular concrete for the fill material. Using onsite colloidal batching, CJGeo can place material up to 20′ deep in a single lift, without consolidation. Because the material is so lightweight, the entire 15′ deep basement could be filled for the same dead load as just two feet of flowable fill.

CJGeo mobilized a 150CY/hour dry batch plant to the site after staging 300 tons of cement onsite using our in-house cement pig & trucking operation. Without being affected by trucking or cement supply chain disruptions, CJGeo started placing immediately. Over four days onsite, CJGeo place 2700CY of material.