Cellular Concrete Foaming Agents

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CJGeo is a factory-certified installers for foaming agents manufactured by Aerix Industries, and uses the following cellular concrete foaming agents:


Aerlite is a synthetic/protein blend foaming agent which captures the economics of protein, but with the workability and durability of synthetics. Cellular concrete generated with Aerlite is non-permeable.


Aerlite-iX is a pure synthetic foaming agent used broadly by CJGeo, from annular space grouting and pipe abandonment to mass lightweight fills. Exceptionally deep single lift pours are possible with Aerlite-iX. Aerlite-iX can be pumped thousands of feet without deterioration.


Aquaer-iX is a pure synthetic cellular concrete foaming agent used to generate permeable cellular concrete. Permeable cellular concrete is generally between 25 & 35 lb/cuft wet cast density. Exceptionally deep single lift pours are possible with Aerlite-iX. Where buoyancy is a concern, Aquaer-ix is an excellent choice. Aquaer-iX also facilitates groundwater recharge due to its high permeability.


Mearlcrete is a protein-based foaming agent that provides the highest strengths. However, it is less well suited for long pumping distances and very thick lift heights. LWIC roofing is the most common use for Mearlcrete. This is due to extensive approvals and UL listings or various composite roofing systems.

Picking the Right Foaming Agent

The best person to recommend a foaming agent is a contractor who has installed hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of cellular concrete. CJGeo has generated and placed hundreds of thousands of cubic yards of cellular concrete, and is happy to help. From constructibility reviews to budgetary estimating and consultation with our in house Geotech/M&T PE, CJGeo can provide design assistance to either rule out cellular concrete as an appropriate material, or ensure that the correct cellular concrete foaming agents & mix designs are specified.

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