Cellular Concrete Foaming Agents

We are factory-certified installers for foaming agents manufactured by Aerix Industries, and use the following cellular concrete foaming agents:


Aerlite is a synthetic/protein blend foaming agent which captures the higher break strengths of protein, but with the workability and durability of synthetics. Cellular concrete generated with Aerlite is non-permeable.


Aquaer-iX is a pure synthetic cellular concrete foaming agent used to generate permeable cellular concrete. Permeable cellular concrete is generally between 25 & 35 lb/cuft wet cast density, and is used for lightweight mass fills where buoyancy is a concern, or in areas where permeability for groundwater recharge, filtration or storage is needed.


Mearlcrete is a protein-based foaming agent that provides the highest strengths, but is less well suited for long pumping distances and very thick lift heights.