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Illinois Spillway Grouting

Carbondale, Illinois

Illinois Spillway 2

The Job

A spillway serving as a dam for a lake owned & maintained by a property owner association outside of Carbondale, Illinois stopped having water flowing over the spillway, requiring spillway grouting. The property owners determined that the lake was draining through voids under the spillway slab. This made them concerned about destabilization of the spillway, which was the sole access for six homes.

The Challenge

The flow velocity was rather high, and immediately on the other side of the spillway was a 30′ cliff. The water was designed to spill over as a waterfall. Given the extraordinary difficulty of retrieving any material washed over the waterfall, the grout had to have an exceptionally fast set. It also needed to provide adequate bearing capacity for the roadway slabs.

The Solution

CJGeo proposed grouting below the spillway with CJGrout 40NHL. CJGrout 40NHL is usually used for differential settlement correction. CJGrout 40NHL performs well for differential settlement correction because it reacts very quickly. It’s used for medium duty lifting, such as highway pavement, so it would provide more than enough bearing capacity.

The owners were very excited that it would be significantly less expensive to grout the existing spillway than to have someone local install a portadam and replace the entire structure. CJGeo mobilized a single polyurethane grouting crew to the site. They stopped the leaks and kicked all the water flow over the spillway in a single day.

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